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Pool Service

Afford-A-Spa & Pools offers in/above-ground swimming pool installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as liner replacement and water testing.

Complete Pool Water Maintenance

With Afford-A-Spa & Pools on your side, you can cross “pool maintenance” off your to-do list for good! From seasonal pool maintenance to pool cleaning services, our swimming pool specialists have your needs covered…all you have to do is swim!

We’ll keep your swimming pool clean, sparkling and beautifully maintained so you can spend time enjoying your pool — not maintaining it.
Regular pool maintenance keeps your swimming pool ready for every pool party and every afternoon swim — and with Afford-A-Spa & Pools, you don’t have to lift a finger! Our Weekly Maintenance Program for pools includes:

  • On-site water testing
  • Cleaning pool baskets
  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Brushing pool walls & floor
  • Pool vacuuming 
  • Backwashing the pool filter
  • Addition of pool chemicals
  • Delivery of necessary pool chemicals & supplies

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Pool Repairs

Don’t let broken pool equipment slow down your summer — get expert pool repairs from the team at Afford-A-Spa & Pools! Our pool specialists offer repairs in-store as well as on-site. Our professional pool repair services include:

  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Pool filter system repairs & replacements
  • Pool pump & motor repairs & replacements (offered in-store)
  • Leak detection & repairs
  • Pool purification systems & chlorinator repairs & installations
  • Sand changes

Seasonal Pool Opening Services

When warm weather hits, you want to spend your time relaxing in your pool, not cleaning it. Thankfully you can call Afford-A-Spa & Pools for all your pool spring-cleaning needs! As a part of our pool opening services, our swimming pool specialists will:

  • Remove the pool cover
  • Remove plugs & antifreeze
  • Start the filter system
  • Add chemicals if requested
  • Install ladder & handrail
  • Offer optional cleaning services 
  • Additional services available (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.)
  • Delivery of seasonal chemicals if requested

Seasonal Pool Closing Services

When cold weather’s around the corner, it’s time to call Afford-A-Spa & Pools. Our seasonal pool closing services will keep your swimming pool protected through the fall and winter so when the temperature warms back up, you’ll be ready. During our pool closing visit, our technicians will:

  • Install the pool cover
  • Winterize the pool filter system
  • Add winterizing chemicals if requested
  • Remove ladder & handrails 
  • Offer optional cleaning services
  • Deliver seasonal pool chemicals if requested
  • Additional services available (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.)

Water Testing

We provide in-house water testing for FREE! Bring us a sample of your pool water and we will run a computerized water analysis and give you the advice you need to get your water perfectly balanced. We can also test your water on-site for a fee.

If you don’t see the pool service you’re looking for, give us a call! More than likely, we can help!