Locally owned & family operated since 2002

Afford-A-Spa has been established in Fort Dodge since 2002. David Folsom started his career in hot tub sales in 2005 and then acquired the business in 2006. His wife, Alicia was brought into the company in 2011.

Formerly located on North 15th Street, Afford-A-Spa upgraded and moved to a more centralized location, next to the Ridgewood Lanes Bowling Alley in 2011. They are now located at 318 South 25th Street in Fort Dodge.

Their large showroom showcases luxury hot tubs, Sundance Spas®. Each series offers a variety of sizes, styles, and price points to fit various customer needs. Afford-A-Spa also offers TheraSaunas®, swimming pools, pool and spa accessories, exclusive water care products, and free water analysis. They are staffed with factory-trained technicians and salespersons with years of experience to provide outstanding service to all customers and are the only authorized Sundance Spas® dealership in the area.

Our Family, Our Team

Afford-A-Spa & Pools is a team of people trained and dedicated to meeting customers’ needs. Whether it’s guiding a customer through a purchase, delivering or servicing a hot tub or pool, or training customers on usage and water care, we’ve got the staff and experience.

David, co-owner:
Not only will you find David on the sales floor, he also manages installations, deliveries and service. He even manages sales and installations for his siding company, Covers All Siding. He is gifted with his hands, and has an eye for excellence. David has the best memory around!  He can remember what a customer has purchased and where they are from, even if it’s been ten years or more! Yet, he is terrible with names! Customers know that he will take care of their needs and are always pleased with the outcome of his work.

Alicia, co-owner:
Specializes in customer service and office management. She enjoys customers and can answer almost any question regarding regular pool and spa care. She handles the bookkeeping procedures and all internal operations of the business, including marketing. She loves working with her husband, David.

David’s sister offers support in customer service and office organization. She provides weekly water care for our hot tub and pool customers throughout the year. And don’t be fooled! She has experience with hot tub plumbing, too, and she knows her spa parts well!

Skilled with his hands, he is an essential member of our pool and spa installation and repair team. He also improves homes for David’s siding business, Covers All Siding. Ty is our newest family member; since he tied the knot with Mary.

Joins Afford-A-Spa each summer to assist Mary with her weekly water maintenance for customers’ pools and spas. He is knowledgeable in water care, and can get the job done. Sometimes you can catch him checking himself out in the reflection of the pool water. A typical pool boy!

David’s mother has been with Afford-A-Spa since 2007, but moved away in 2011. She has since moved back and is now in charge of organizing files and filling in when Mary and Alicia are gone. They love it when she spoils them with goodies and pop.

Joined her family at Afford-A-Spa to do inventory and general housekeeping. She is always ready to help!

Tackles any job we throw at him. Related to his cousin, David, he is also excellent in working with his hands. His main responsibility is improving homes for Covers All Siding. You will occasionally find him pestering the office girls.